About Us

Neptune, the Roman god of the seas and fresh water bodies is usually depicted with a Trident, a three-pronged spear. This symbol of mythical power was chosen as our symbol as we strive to revolutionize the silver bullion bar industry. Neptune used his trident to shatter rocks, control the seas and shake the earth. Our trident symbolizes the shattering of conventional silver bar designs and becoming a mover and shaker in the silver bullion industry.

History of Your Bar: One of the innovations at Trident Silver is the ability to obtain the time and date of when a Trident Silver, silver bar was produced on-line. This feature is a first in the industry, and requires inputting any Trident Silver bar’s serial number into “History of the Bar” form located on our homepage.

How can silver bullion bars be improved?

Silver bars have been a medium of exchange since antiquity. Today silver bars are a well known store of value internationally. However, silver bar design has not undergone any radical examination in years. Trident Silver recognizes that not all silver bars are the same. With this in mind, Trident Silver is committed to manufacturing its silver bars with an eye to design. Not only will our bars be designed with an eye to aesthetics, they will also be designed to be stackable.

"Form Follows Function"

To many investors, silver bars may only be a “lump of silver.” At Trident Silver, we believe that the “lump” can also be beautiful. As former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt understood, designs for gold and silver need not be droll. With that in mind, he commissioned Augustus St. Gaudens to redesign U.S. coinage. The resulting St. Gaudens gold coin is considered by many to be among the most beautiful coins ever manufactured. We at Trident Silver appreciate Theodore Roosevelt’s sentiment, and feel that even silver bars can benefit from a beautiful design. Our first silver bar design, the Neptune, is a work of art, depicting the powerful Roman Deity and his Trident among the waves.

Mission Statement

Trident Silver is dedicated to providing low premium silver bars that both capture the imagination of silver bullion investors and satisfy the needs of silver investors for easy to store silver bars. It is our goal to revolutionize the way silver bars are designed.

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