Trident Silver Bar - 10 Troy Ounce

trident 10oz obv trident 10oz obv


Weight 10 Troy Ounce
Front / Obverse The front or obverse design of the 10 oz Trident Silver Bar depicts the Roman God Neptune holding his trident amid a stylized design invoking swirling waters. The bar includes the inscription “,”and “10 troy ounces.”
Back / Reverse The back or reverse of the bar includes a stylish patterned background that is meant to be reminiscent of vast watery surface. A trident logo and “” the company inscription.
Silver Content 10 Troy ounces of .999 pure silver (311.03 grams).


The 10 oz silver Bar from Trident Silver is .999 pure silver. Silver bullion investors will appreciate the handsome design on both the obverse and reverse. Trident Silver designs each of its silver bars to be stackable. This is a feature often lacking from other silver bar designs and manufacturers.

Neptune is the Roman God of the water and sea, a powerful figure in the Roman Pantheon of gods. The 10 oz Trident Silver bar’s artistic and stylish rendering of Neptune and his trident adds to the bar’s allure. The reverse design was specifically crafted to invoke images of a vast watery body.